Other forms of technologies that enhance student learning

We are all aware of the computers and interactive whiteboards strung up around the classrooms, but have you ever really given other forms of integral technologies a thought? A 2010 newspaper article by The Sydney Morning Herald, explored the uses of many un-familiar digital devices that should be integrated more into our classrooms.
Here are two technology based integrations that I found unique and fitting for most classroom situations:

Video conferencing:

An integral part of the connected or smart classrooms is video-conferencing technology, which allows students to talk to experts and other schools and students around the world in real time via a video link-up. The facility is linked to the connected classroom package and uses electronic whiteboard technology so a teacher in Sydney can interact with a class in Brisbane for example, using the same whiteboard.

Virtual classrooms:

Instead of going to specific classes in person, teachers and students could communicate at a time they choose by exchanging printed or electronic media such as emails, message boards or blogs, or through technology that allows them to communicate in real time such as telephones, web conferencing or video conferencing.

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