The highs and lows of professional experience …

This blog will be dedicated to a positive/negative reflection about my experiences on prac. Firstly let’s start with the positives ….

1 – As a fellow USQ member also discovered, I to also learnt that ICT’s aren’t just about the integration of computers. I found this to be a positive discovery, and really enjoyed knowing that there are alternative sources that meet the technology curriculum. Besides, some of my students even considered computers to be ‘old school’.

2- Effective communication can come in many forms – something I learnt within my first few days! My mentor (the class teacher), spent a slot of her spare time chatting away to parents via email or through the school’s social networking page. I found this to be convenient for busy parents, who haven’t got the time for face to face contact.

Now for the negatives ….

1 – Never assume – When I did my first lesson, I integrated so much technology into it that I thought the students would be on a techno-buzz! However, I didn’t actually realize that they were not as tech-savvy as I had previously thought. Therefore, I spent the majority of my lesson, getting back to the basics. Lesson learnt for next time: work your way up!

2 – Don’t introduce spell-check – As handy as it is, for younger children, I found that spell-check had no place in the classroom. It did not encourage them to sound out the words or even search for them in the dictionary. This was a crucial learning lesson that I am now aware of!

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