Summary of week 15 (and final blog post)

After a semester of blogging and reflecting, it’s time to officially hang up my keyboard and submit those last pieces of assessment (hooray!). But before I do that, week 15 of the ICT course is in need of a summary and an overall reflection.

I entered this course with very limited knowledge in integrating ICT’s into teaching circumstances, and although I was able to apply my prior understandings to current situations, I was also able to develop new concepts that will be beneficial to me in the near future. In accordance to my personal pedagogy and all of the supporting lessons/units I have completed during this course, Postman’s Five Things We Need to Know about Technological Change (1998) and Mark Prensky’s Twitch Speed (2001), have become a part of my everyday teaching tool belt. Not only because it supports 21st centaury practises, but because it also integrates more traditional forms of teaching that will expose students to a variety of techniques/sources.

Throughout this course, I have also had the opportunity to work alongside the Australian Curriculum and further develop my understandings of key teaching concepts – such as syllabus documents and educational philosophies. Within the next year, I hope to gain student awareness of technology and software by incorporating ICT’s through the means of the Computer Practice Framework (2002).

I hope to accompany each student’s individual application with reflective journaling practices and scaffold them into more complex areas of inquiry and analysis in future circumstances. This has been made possible by this course, and I hope it contributes to a brighter teaching career.


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